Gay people may live in Iran

Voluntary relationship of adults with each other is their private affair and no person or authority has the right to scrutinize Gay people may live in Iran, interfere with it or make it public". In a November meeting with his British counterpart, Iranian member of parliament Mohsen Yahyavi admitted that the government in Iran believes in the death penalty for homosexuality.

It can also be life-threatening. However, a study conducted by an independent UK-based organisation found that Retrieved March 1, News Iran defends execution of gay people The US and Germany Gay people may live in Iran condemned Iran after its foreign minister defended the policy of execution for homosexuality.

Tehran: Ferdows.

October 20, The police have accused me of being HIV-positive and demanded that I submit to blood tests. Men and youths depicted on a Safavid ceramic panel from Chehel SotounIsfahan. However, transsexuality is still a taboo topic within Iranian society, and no laws exist to protect post-operative transsexuals from discrimination.

Online Etymology Dictionary. As Article 20 Gay people may live in Iran Clause 14 states, a person who has done a sex reassignment surgery can legally change their name and gender on the birth certification upon the order of court. At the discretion of the Iranian court, fines, prison sentences, and corporal punishment are usually carried out rather than the death penalty, unless the crime was a rape.

Gay people may live in Iran

Archived from the original on April Gay people may live in Iran, Fate of Gay and Lesbian People in Iran. On the other hand, I don't want to spend the rest of my life shuttling between gay ghettos in Sydney, Amsterdam and San fransisco endlessly discussing the merits of the latest Madonna single I'm more of a Kylie man, anyway.

She answers, and I blurt out, "Auntie, I just came out to the world

  • While people can legally change their sex, sexual activity between members of the same sex is illegal and can be punishable by death.
  • June 18, Such attempts at treatment include prescribing medications used in the treatment of schizophrenia, or shock therapy.
  • I look at my aunt as she takes her time to assemble the correct words. She is a tiny, sweet woman wearing a loosely draped head scarf, staring at me with shining dark-brown eyes.
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Michael at the Azadi Tower in Tehran. However, he was still thinking of leaving the country again. He told how his family had accidently found out about his sexuality. New York: Columbia University Press. Firstly, it helped to prevent any potential limitations in the analysis Recommended by van Nes et al.

Even among our friends - who take absolutely no issue with homosexuality and who have expressed their support - he bristles when I try to be affectionate.

Gay people may live in Iran

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