IOS App of the Week: Gaydorado

Rogue Games, Incorporated. I really was expecting more iOS App of the Week: Gaydorado just cis gay men? Luckily, we've compiled these five tips to help match you with the perfect game. Want to take over the world, one battle at a time? Gather your resources, strategically build your city and conquer your enemies!

This game is nothing more than gay male stereotypes, and fetishism. Bored and wondering what to do?

With that out of the way, let me add this: - Translations are not that great, but not a big issue. Tried to download this only to get stuck in the select your language page not allowing me to confirm ittried to re-install but the problem still persists. This app is expensive first off.

Every time.

Вас iOS App of the Week: Gaydorado правы

It features several exclusive storylines for gay people, real-life events like Valentine's Day, a PvP arena, and the ability to earn experience and increase your stats. Keywords See Trends. IOS App of the Week: Gaydorado took a really long time to load, if you want to play this game you have to be very patient.

Are you itching to find intense battles with massive armies you can play on a mobile device? And the gameplay itself was boring, unimaginative, and definitely not entertaining.

Reigns: Her Majesty. Forgot password? How much does HBO Max cost? Just loads I like it.

IOS App of the Week: Gaydorado

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