Nobody knows what makes people gay

Brain development and sexual orientation. Yes Not now. Perhaps one day we will be able to adjust sexual preference via surgery - focusing on the particular regions of the brain that are associated with sexual preference — or via neural implants or training.

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Nobody knows what makes people gay

But those who argue that homosexuality is a choice invariably assert that it is a wrong choice. By — Nsikan Akpan Nsikan Akpan. So what does the science say about Born This Way? People already learn to stop smoking, to give up certain foods, and not cheat on their husbands or wives.

The Nobody knows what makes people gay. He did agree with Neale that the debate is now closed on whether any single gene is responsible for sexual orientation.

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The question has long been fraught with controversy. Hamer, D. Sign In See Subscription Options.

It just means that even if those factors exist, many more factors do too. Some researchers have suggested that this difference in handedness — preference for one hand over the other can be observed in fetuses - is related to differences in the corpus callosum. Because we are beautiful and fabulous.

Nobody knows what makes people gay

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