Amiral gestion sextant grand large in Las Vegas

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Another important factor in the defensive nature of the fund lies in the stock picking strategy. Previous tab Next tab. In this case, management through a mutual fund makes more sense. Good financial management begins with the selection of the scheme that best suits you.

The real risk is above all being wrong in our investments. Our investment horizon is determined by the company, not the stock market. The aim is to be able to consistently rank our ideas based not only on their potential and their risk. It enjoys greater flexibility in its level of exposure to the equity markets.

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Therefore, this solution is open to investors who share our philosophy and passion for investment. Benjamin Graham, the author of "The Intelligent Investor," first developed this concept, which places the idea of a "safety margin" at the center of the investment.

Market, an allegory invented by Benjamin Graham to illustrate the often-irrational behavior of the market. The goal is to buy high-quality stocks for less than their intrinsic value. A good company, regardless of the volatility of the market and the economic situation will perform well.

In effect, only assets that in our opinion represent the lowest potential for long-term decline — either because the company is top quality or because its current valuation is near floor value such as cash, for example — are selected for Sextant Grand Large.

  • Sextant fund managers are Amiral Gestion shareholders, and invest substantially on a personal basis in their funds.
  • Since its inception, Amiral Gestion has demonstrated the relevance of its asset management philosophy, which is why in , as a sign of confidence, some clients opted to entrust a portion of their assets to private mandates.
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Email Notifications. The information made available to you does not constitute the giving of investment advice or an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security of any enterprise in any jurisdiction.


Amiral gestion sextant grand large in Las Vegas

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  • Sextant Grand Large is not an equity fund like the other Sextant funds. It enjoys greater flexibility in its level of exposure to the equity markets. While funds such as Sextant PEA and Sextant PME are required to have a minimum of 75% invested in equities, Sextant Grand Large may have only 20% invested in this class of assets. Sextant Europe is a fund that invests in shares of large-cap European companies. It is constructed independently of any reference index, based on a selection of companies with a market capitalisation strictly above million Euros.
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  • About Amiral Gestion Sextant Grand Large Sextant Grand Large is an open-end fund registered in France. The objective of the Fund is to obtain capital appreciation while preserving the capital Founded: Feb 24, SEXTANT GRAND LARGE Flexible diversified fund. SEXTANT PME Stock picking - European SMEs/ISEs. SEXTANT BOND PICKING International bond / WEALTH MANAGEMENT. Since its inception, Amiral Gestion has demonstrated the relevance of its asset management philosophy, which is why in , as a sign of confidence, some clients opted to entrust a.
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  • Sextant Grand Large es un fondo mixto flexible, diversificado, que invierte principalmente en renta variable tratando de preservar el capital. El proceso de gestión sigue tres fases: La exposición neta a la renta variable oscila entre el 0% y el % dependiendo de la valoración de los mercados Las acciones compradas se basan en las propuestas más conservadoras del equipo El fondoAuthor: Amiral Gestion. Nicolas holds a Master’s degree of wealth management from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. He began his career in wealth management universe in before participating for 5 years to the development of the French asset manager Métropole Gestion. He joined Amiral Gestion in .
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  • Accede al Foro de Amiral Gestion en Rankia. Consulta las opiniones de los expertos y la información más actualizada de Amiral Gestion. Te ayudamos a tomar decisiones financieras. Amiral Gestion has decided to make the following amendments to the SEXTANT PEA Mutual Fund prospectus (hereinafter, the “UCITS”), namely: “SEXTANT PEA is a dynamic fund that aims to optimise performance through a selection of international securities, primarily from the European Union and without reference to an index, in an effort to obtain a yield [ ].
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  • In order to remain highly selective with respect to picking stocks and the special features of European stocks eligible for the small/mid-cap equity-savings account (PEA), Amiral Gestion has decided to suspend subscriptions to the SEXTANT PME FUND (FR – FR et FR) as soon as net assets reach €m*. This measure is designed to protect [ ]. Amiral Gestion a récemment enregistré sa célèbre gamme de fonds Sextant en Suisse. La société de gestion française pourrait bien poursuivre sur sa lancée. Les fonds Sextant PME, Sextant PEA, Sextant Grand Large, Sextant Bond Picking, Sextant Autour du Monde ainsi que Sextant Europe, sont donc désormais commercialisées auprès des.
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