Assortative mating sex brains and inequality in Vancouver

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And what does the structuring effect of the educational system add to this? We close the paper with a discussion of results and provide an outlook for future research. Math Popul Stud. The perils of tweaking: how to use macrodata to set parameters in complex simulation models.

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We argue that our model provides a useful computational laboratory to explore and quantify the implications of scenarios for the future. Women have far more choices than before, and that is one reason why inequality will be hard to reverse. The selection is based on the data available for initializing the simulation model and for validating simulation outcomes.

Love, necessity and opportunity: changing patterns of marital age homogamy in the Netherlands, —

  • We use data from Denmark, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States to document the degree of educational assortative mating, how it evolves over time, and the extent to which it differs between countries. This descriptive analysis motivates and guides a decomposition analysis in which we quantify the contribution of various factors to the distribution of household income.
  • It may be useful to open this topic with an anecdote. Some ten years ago, I found myself in an after-dinner conversation, lubricated by wine, with an American who had been educated at an Ivy League college and was then teaching in Europe.
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Assortative mating sex brains and inequality in Vancouver

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