Heavy bleeding after sex means in Augusta

Normal vs. Your doctor performs hysteroscopy by inserting a hysteroscope, a thin tube with a video camera and light on the end, into the vagina. Scanty or short periods, or lack of periods are common side effects. The Pap smear is a simple procedure that is used primarily to detect pre-cancerous cells being shed from the cervix.

Have you experienced the academic health center advantage? Before menopause, there can be many explanations for bleeding after sex. Page last reviewed: 27 March Next review due: 27 March

This sounds scarier than it is. Risk factors You may be at greater risk of bleeding after sex if you:. Inflammatory and immune conditions. But something else could be going on. Seeing Red?

Даже было, heavy bleeding after sex means in Augusta

Atrophic vaginitis can also be treated with estrogen therapy, either taken orally in pill form, as a dermal patch or cream or inserted intra-vaginally with a suppository. Since your visit is for a sex-associated concern, you may be asked about your sexual activity.

What causes postcoital bleeding? Thanks for your feedback! After you figure out what's causing the bleeding, your health care provider can come up with a treatment plan.

How Safe is the Pill? The effectiveness of the pill may be affected by prescription drugs. Some girls may also have pain with bowel movements and trouble passing urine. Generally, the examiner will place an arm or elbow on your leg or thigh before touching the outer genitals. Causes, symptoms, and treatment of vaginitis.

Heavy bleeding after sex means in Augusta

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