How to sex chickens by tail feathers in Utah

Even at six weeks old, in both photos you can clearly see the hen's comb on the left is much smaller and paler than her brother's on the right. Mulder and O. The professional sexer looks to see if the chick has a small "bump", which would indicate that the chick is a male.

I have 4, 3-day old chicks in the brooder right now. We had gotten 10 chicks, and with this, we found out that one of them is a rooster! If you are willing to wait this long to determine the sex, then your odds of success increase quite a bit.

Some other heritage chicken breeds that can often be sexed at hatch include Barred Plymouth Rocks that produce chicks that are black with spots of yellow or white. A few weeks later, look to see if some chicks appear noticeably larger and more aggressive than others.

Recently gifted 2 adult standard white chickens, I needed this refresher course. Not Helpful 6 Helpful For more information click here. Before we take a look at the methods, it is important to remember the role chance can play in our success in learning how to tell the sex of baby chicks.

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These birds depend upon the food and cover resources produced by a group of short-lived trees and shrubs e. Search Advanced search…. Male leg pigment is also lighter than his female counterpart. In many regions, Ruffed Grouse numbers have declined as forests have become more extensive and older.

It has to be done before the youngster eats and thus distends its lower alimentary tract. May 15, 60 1 39 Out in the sticks. New posts.

Threads with more replies in the last 15 days. Each will require the user to spend some time learning to navigate. A Note of Thanks : I've found chicken sexing even at the novice level a great convenience in managing my own flock, and I'm glad to have learned the skill.

If you're not farsighted, you can see the process with the naked eye. I did this test a few times on each chick and it came up randomly heads and tails, so I don't put too much stock in this method.

How to sex chickens by tail feathers in Utah

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