Mo sex offender halloween laws in Barnstaple

Owner or person in charge allowing dog to enter a non-public place causing reasonable apprehension of injury to a person 3. For each year, please state the offence which was recorded. Please provide the information on an Excel spreadsheet, 4 If possible within the cost limits, please provide answers for questions for the year 1st January to 31st December Can I have this broken down by breed of dog please?

mo sex offender halloween laws in Barnstaple

Please provide an age breakdown of these offenders who were investigated and a breakdown by gender. The youngest and eldest persons arrested in Mid Devon for domestic violence between January and March and their charges. Specifically, I would like to know the items stolen, i.

How many burglaries were reported each year by people living in other student accommodation, i. Stalking of a student 2. Please could you provide the figures for the numbers of dogs stolen in your force area in and ? How many cases of crime where the victim has been elderly defined as aged 65 years and older were reported to Police during ?

Конечно, mo sex offender halloween laws in Barnstaple

Clarification: I am looking for recorded crimes for synagogues, mosques, churches. If you cannot break down by month, please just provide the figures for January-June Stalking of a student 2. I would specifically request figures from present, with a yearly breakdown, across North Devon and Torridge.

If the cost limit has still not yet been exceeded, please provide the number of unlicensed music events, within Devon and Cornwall, which were successfully shut down, i. Number of domestic abuse cases between 01 Aug and 31 July inclusive where both victim and perpetrator identify as female AND are partners or ex-partners not family members 2.

Rape of a student iv.

Mo sex offender halloween laws in Barnstaple

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