Urban dictionary sex positions in Shropshire

Example: Tom is a wayne. I'd have to send you a file. Welp: Well. Example: You got new shoes? Because she just whisped by me like I wasn't even here. Example: I hope Uncle Harold doesn't do the white guy shuffle at my wedding white out: code for a white person leaving Example: I leave the room and state white out, later white pine: Very annoying.

God, I hate whirts like this.

Example: Jim was a strange looking fellow, with a slender body and a whompus head. I swan, the same. Example: was the first year the World Serious lasted into November. Born and bred Brit here, but some of these are almost unique to the Greater London area and rarely heard north of Birminham.

Whever: Word used among my friends and me, referring to an unknown time or place.

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Often with literal shit involved. Wetter than an otter's pocket Rubber ducky is optional of course. Called by the English, " riding St.

My fave non-vulgar expletive is Bugger! The Secrets of a Kuttite Edward O. Pissed and legless.

Urban dictionary sex positions in Shropshire

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